You can find below a gallery of various social work activities, including interactions with students from various schools in the rural villages.

I continue to participate in a variety of charitable endeavors in addition to my academic and professional activities. I was born in Labarsing, a small village of only 40 households in the tribal-dominated Gajapati district of Odisha, one of the poorest regions in India. Even qualifying for a high school examination was a major achievement in our region at that time due to the region's poor infrastructure and healthcare systems. I had to overcome a number of obstacles to reach where I am today. Despite my background, I consider myself fortunate to have obtained a Ph.D in addition to two master's degrees (M. Sc. and M.Tech.). Later, I had the opportunity to work for several prestigious organizations in developed countries like the UK, Japan, and Italy and also traveled to different parts of the globe for my professional engagement. If I remember my childhood, I never thought that I would get such opportunities in my life to reach the place where I am today.

I am aware of the difficulties rural residents confront on a daily basis. During my college and university days, I realised that all students could excel in their careers provided they were given the right education and guidance. I believed that the progress of our country depended on the improvement of health, education, and the environment in the rural villages. After certain achievements in my career, I decided to contribute to the society where I grew up. So, I started visiting many rural villages and schools during holidays to encourage children and parents to give priority to education. I made them realise that we can achieve success in life only through education. Later, to further expand the social activities, I founded a school named Gyanaprabha Adarsha Bidyalaya and a charitable trust called Foundation for Rural Health, Education and Environment Development (FREEDOM). These organisations mainly work in rural villages to uplift the lives of rural people. These programs are aimed (i) to decrease drop-out rates from school and make students interested in pursuing higher education, (ii) to encourage people to have hygienic and good health, and (iii) to guide rural people toward the green environment and sustainability. Through various charity work and awareness efforts, I try to bring about changes in the lives of rural people for a developed nation that should contribute to world peace.

Gyanaprabha Adarsha Bidyala

Primary School, Loba, Gajapati

Modern High School, Pune

with the Teachers of Randiba High School

Randiba High School 2023

with the Teachers of Gyanaprabha School

Antarba Girls High School

with Teachers of Chaitanya Bidyapitha High School

With Dr. Giridhar Gomango (Former Chief Minister of Odisha)

Randiba High School

With the students of KV Ganeshkhind, Pune

Chaitanya Bidyapitha, Ganjam

Upper Primary School

With the teachers of Primary School, Loba

Girls High School, Chandragiri

Girls High School, Antarba

Ramagiri High School, Ramagiri

Chaitanya Bidyapitha, Pudamari

Gyanaprabha Adarsha Bidyalaya, Khandadeuli

Primary School, Pudamari

Supporting study materials in an orphanage home in Berhampur

Inaugurating a district level science exhibition

Chaitanya Bidyapitha, Pudamari

Sishu Mandir, Mahendragada

Orphanage Home, Berhampur

Primary School, Ramagiri

World Environment Day, Khandadeuli

Upper Primary School, Pudamari

Gyanaprabha Adarsha Bidyalaya

Orphanage Home, Gunupur

Visit to one of my sponsored children's' home

As a Chief Guest in the District level Science Exhibition

Addresing parents and students in a rural village

Gyanaprabha Adarsha Bidyalaya, Khandadeuli

Interaction with Tibetan monks

Visit to an Orphanage home, Berhampur

Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Mahendragada

Cheligada High School, Cheligada

Interaction with school teachers at UP school, Ramagiri

As a chief guest at a traditional sports event

Interaction with one of my sponsored students

Interaction with village people for arranging facility to get clean drinking water

Organised a plantation program in my village

Interaction with village representatives for the development of rural education

Addressing a parents gathering for improving education in the rural villages

Participated in a tree plantation program with school children

Visit to a slum in Bhubaneswar to meet my sponsored child through WVI

With students from various high schools nearby my native place

Meeting one of the rural students to encourage for education

Meeting the people from tribal community in a rural village

Award Winners that I have introduced for the rural school students

Meeting old people in my native place to provide some support for medicine

With the youth committee members of my native place

With the children from a rural village